Frequently asked questions

Learn how to connect your Pornhub device here.

You can register a device by going to this link.

Contact support for clarification.

Once payment is received, all orders will be processed immediately. It usually takes 3-5 working days to receive your order.

Yes, we only use plain brown boxes without any branding.  There is no marking on the box which indicates the contents or the Pornhub brand.

Yes, these are the customer's responsibility.  For orders shipped outside the European Union and the United States, such as Canada and Australia, may be subject to certain import customs, duties, and taxes imposed by your country upon delivery. These charges are NOT included in the prices and shipping costs listed on pornhubtoys.com. These our beyond our control.

Go to www.pornhubtoys.com. Enter your details in the boxes provided. Select ‘GO’ to make your account. The next page is your account, where you will find your devices, downloads, and personal details.

Shipping costs between $10 - $20 for standard ground shipping depending on your location. Orders over $50 qualify for free shipping.

Local sales taxes are included in the purchase price.  Import taxes, applicable to destinations outside of the USA and European Union such as Canada and Australia, may be subject to tax according to that country's import policy  - this is not included, so if you are shipping outside of the USA or EU please check your country's policy on import taxes.